Enjoy a SMART Start to Your Business
At SHAMAPROM We Build Beautiful Lives
Enroll as a SHAMAPROMO Market Partner. A flexible business that puts you in control.

SHAMAPROMO Business Owners earn income by recommending and selling our high-quality products and building a team to do the same. Our extensive range of personalized, clothing brand, beauty, active wear and home products help people live a more balanced and active life.

The SHAMAPROMO opportunity is a low-cost independent business startup. On-demand training and digital tools help empower you to run your business wherever you want. We’ve designed the business with flexibility in mind. While you’re building your business how you want, you’re not alone. There’s a network of more than a Thousand SHAMAPROMO Business Owners to share successes, brainstorm ideas and celebrate together.
You’ll also be joining a supportive, thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and you’ll have the opportunity to build an international business—one that changes lives.
Learn, Share, Grow and Earn!
Shared Success is at the heart of SHAMAPROMO
Growth and success are sweeter when you’re helping others become the best versions of themselves!
Build a team and dream bigger!
Whether you’re looking to build a second revenue stream or a full-time business, SHAMAPROMO is here to support and reward YOU!
Market Partners have the opportunity to earn rewards, be recognized for their achievements.
SHAMAPROMO give the opportunity to build an international business. A culture of teamwork, collaboration and Gratitude. Personal and professional development.
An unrivalled compensation plan, paying up to 50% commissions with bonuses
The possibility to be part Auto Club qualify bonus program
Earn 20% commissions on Retail Customer sales.
Within SHAMAPROMO you will find SHAMASCHOOL where an entrepreneur can learn Spanish and English for free.
SHAMAPROMO also teach each entrepreneur the importance and benefit of investment within their business and to ensure their families future.
Enjoy the flexibility of building a business from home or wherever WiFi is available.
Take advantage of comprehensive business training
Access to world-renowned personal development and leadership coaching
Control your own business with no monthly fee
Your own personal shopping website is included with your enrollment
Feel the satisfaction of helping customers enjoy better our products.
Difference and
Opportunity to make a difference in your life including others.